PEARSON STORAGE LOGISTICS LIMITED is amongst the top United Kingdom and Great Britain’s largest crude oil tank storage companies established in 1997. 

PEARSON STORAGE LOGISTICS LIMITED’s main purpose is for the storage and transportation of Petroleum and Petrochemical products within the UK, Houston, Netherlands, Europe’s linkable terminals, fuel pipelines and tanker to vessel transportation.  
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who we are

We are one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of oil storage and warehousing facilities and a shipping company with vast experience in transshipment of oil and gas products.

our mission

To create an environmental-friendly system and explore new possibilities for effective production growth thereby foster a better relationship and maintain alliances with those who share our interest.

our vission

By 2030, to be a United Kingdom’s leading independent provider of solutions in the oil and gas shipping so as to conveniently serve the needs of both local and international customers.
The main activities of PEARSON STORAGE LOGISTICS LIMITED includes 

✔️ Tank storage operations

✔️ Vessel bunkering with oil products

✔️ Transshipment at oil storage

✔️ Oil products transportation by road and sea

✔️ Oil wastes transportation


✔️ Oil products transshipment 

✔️ Pipeline services

✔️ Barging

✔️ Oil wastes recycling



✔️ Oil products transportation by inland waterways globally 

✔️ Oil products transportation by road and sea 

✔️ Oily wastes collection from ships at the Any world safe Ports